Touched for the Very First Time ~ 2012

The theme of Virgin Territory of 2012 continues to flow as our New Year  unfolds  in unprecedented energetics;  Stars align with Planetary energies  Dancing our Spirits ~ Awakening our Souls ~ Dreaming us into new Times ~ from a whirling dervish high spin into a down-shift of  a sloth crawl ~ then back up again to a high spin as our skirts whirl to inner drum beats~

Creativity pulses under the surface of our collective & individual consciousness as we clear out, re-alaign, balance , or just collapse under the exciting/dreadful pressure of it all.

We will continue to live in the Mystery as we learn to cultivate the Path of our Hearts, all the while  being wobbled by whorling currents ~

~ whorling – a form that coils or spirals; a curl or swirl: spread the icing in peaks and whorls ~

As our true wintertime is here in our northern hemisphere, we gather our yarn, prepare our spindles to allow for high whorling spinning of our dreams and desires ~ each of us recalling the intuitive knowing of how to follow our own inner timing.

The Crystal Ball 1902 J. Waterhouse

The Sun will follow the path of the 60th Gate this week, moving through each line over the next 6  days ~ While the Earth steadily partners with the Sun in the 56th Gate , this may be an opportunity to feel the influence of this transforming energy in our Root Chakra, by  grounding ourselves deep into the Earth while the Heavens have their way with us.

Out of the blue we may be surprised by unseen possibilities as Rising Earth~Wisdom tickles your Root into awareness. There may be a temptation to bolt out of the starting gates (or startling gates ) , feeling a pressure to get it done, do it now, and thus forgetting to follow our own heartfelt timing or respect our genuine response.

Wisdom of the 60th Gate ~ Acceptance/Limitation ~ ” The Acceptance of limitation is the first step in trancendence.”

Wisdom of the 56th Gate ~Stimulation/The Wanderer ~ ” Stability through movement, the perpetuation of continuity through the linking of short term activity ” Rave I Ching

Monday: Jan 16th

60.1 offers a firm foundation in the wisdom of Acceptance, yet a shaky insecurity might prevail while on the journey to an accepting state of mind, one might consider the higher frequency of Divine Surrender ~

56.1 offers a solid connection to Quality , yet, there may be a crack in the foundation if Quality is overlooked

Tuesday: Jan 17th

60.2 offers Decisiveness, in a natural flow of accepting events, yet, there could be a blow up of repressed energies perhaps a blow up leads to a decisive action/response.

56.2 offers Linkage, partnership to linking connections yet perhaps there is a broken link that may need mending by an accepting heart ~

Wednesday: Jan 18th

60.3 offers the gift of Conservatism , perhaps all that indecisiveness might be met with some laughter or tears as we find the middle ground

56.3 offers up Alienation, suggesting that as we wander we may be stimulated to meet up with many along the way, chit chatting here and there ~ accidentally making and breaking bonds with an unawareness that created alienation from ourselves.

Thursday: Jan 19th

60.4 offers Resourcefulness , a communal approach to accepting the limitation ? Maybe, perhaps gather your friends soften your stance, offer a smile as true Resourcefulness is a Gift of the Heart.

56.4 offer Expediency, egads, first we are tempered by Limitation, then Acceptance of the 60 in opposition to this earthly stimulation, now the chance to contemplate the state of Expedience comes crashing in on the party ~ well, shake the hands of your community and enjoy the journey !

Friday: Jan 20th

60.5 offers Leadership, what magnetic appeal is happening here ? Is there a new story brewing on the mental plane ?

56.5 offers Attracting Attention ~ what ticket to paradise is being suggested here ?

Saturday: Jan 21st

60.6 offers Rigidity , a question here might be, what are the gifts of the Rigid ? How would a rigid being be helpful to empowering lessons in acceptance ?

56.6 offers Caution, hmmmm, considering how the week has progressed so far j~~~ what thought do you bring to the table ?

Until we meet again ~ Dance your Spirit, like the very first time ~



                               ” A longdrawn carol, mournful, holy,                                     

She chanted loudly, chanted lowly,

Till her eyes were darken’d wholly,

And her smooth face sharpen’d slowly,

Turn’s to tower’d Camelot,

For ere she reach’d upon the tide,

The first house by the water-side,

Singing in her song she died,

The Lady of Shalott. “

excerpt – Tennyson 1832

The Lady of Shallot 1888 J Waterhouse

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