2011 Virgin Territory

2012, We have been awaiting you ~ Welcome to our hearth – this is an early greeting to you, this last day of 2011~ Our fires are lit, our tears have been shed, our suffering met, our joys released ~ 2012, welcome, we don’t quite know what you have in store for us, more magic ? more mayhem? There are so many questions about you !

Will the gossamer threads of Ariadne’s weaving, be strong enough to lead us through the labyrinth of our collective making ~ Will we be able to guide ourselves and loved ones through the New Year as our intentions unfold, with all their shadow and light ? 

Will we easily ride the waves of our timing, as our Karma rises up from the seabed to meet us in exhilarating waves of actualization ?

In the Human Design world,  the New Year begins on January 22nd,  just in case, we may want to reclaim our intentions once the thrill of moving into 2012 has calmed.

Virgin Territory, there is much more hidden in these two simple words, as the mood moves me, the Visionary Woman site will be exploring , the vastness of this Virgin Territory.

Gene Keys holds a vibration of wonderment ~ who am I in this Now ?  That is a Virgin Territory question ~ what frequency am I emanating, what am I aware of in this Now ? Have I freaked out from the pressure and moved into a lower vibe and if so will I remember to shift my awareness so that I may release my Radiance ?  Will I recall that I am often times challenged to ground new concepts ? Will I remember that when I ground them, I strengthen myself ~~~into my core Purpose ? 

Will I remember my Calling and the Gifts the reside in my Life’s Work ?  Can I take the challenge to heart and recall my Evolutionary journey ?

The Path of a Virgin, is long and arduous. Filled with pregnant possibilities, the pressures of birthing thought, ideas, creativity, opinions  at just the right moment ~ these pressures find us ~ pushing us to  surrender to the Light of Love and to the knowing that there is no escape, our hearts are here for us to surrender into the not knowing while we  also we hold the candle flame of deep intuitive awareness where we know ~


we know that we know while we also know that we know nothing

That is the mystery of this creative caldron.

Human Design within its synthesis of the comic sciences, has something called Circuitry…this virgin territory brings a circuit to mind. It is called the Defense Circuit, the Sacral in the Center of the , say, the midpoint, the Navel, the Chi of the body, the Vision Point, the Gut of Intuition & the Energy of the Bodygraph symbolizes the protective Life Force –

The response strategy that is available within the Human Design perspective, offers us a way to navigate through time and space, protecting the Life Force.   If you are a beginner to Human Design, there are Four major types, each with their “Strategy and Authority”, then it become a bit more subtle as there are nuances within the system depending on your chart.

The Gene Keys meets Human Design on the bridge of synthesis, the planks in the bridge are fashioned from the Ancient I-Ching, the rope that holds the bridge is something like the orbit of the planets, imagine that the orbits all in concert weave an invisible thread, which binds and imaginary rope, that we can touch with our hearts as we stand on the bridge of synthesis.

Virgin Territory may mean that this Visionary Woman may get a bit heady with all this Jazz ~~~ I cannot help myself.

Slowly, I am beginning to understand the idea of no choice. To ultimately surrender to the Beloved, reveals, that well, perhaps there is just no choice, but to enjoy the unfolding mystery with a boggled mind, a bleeding heart & a reservoir of forgiveness.

Until we meet again ~ Blessings

Visionary Woman


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