Contemplating the blanket of early morning snow as dawn kisses our southwest high desert mountains, it feels like this will be a long white winter. I often imagine my posts before I write them, waiting for inspiration to find me, which means sometimes that could be months or even years. Yet today, I feel an extension of Thanksgiving prayers, gratitude, and reflection.

This morning began with a good hot cup of coffee and reading Martin Shaw stories…which led to ordering a book…which led to being on Facebook…it is not even 7:00 am !

Yesterday, I moved bookcases into one room, shifting how I’m going to enter 2021 in my physical space, which we know is a shift from within the bodymind…rearranging furniture…a bit more clearing of clutter and poof, into the new days. Books represent history and friends for me, each holding memories, stories, knowledge. The day was spent in slow motion rediscovery with winter promises of deep time reading.

Let’s loop back to what was revealed to me so quickly this morning…and I shall add some links here for you too…

Heart wrenching article of 17th Century female artist Artemisia Gentileschi …..


Touching beauty of Andrea Bocelli…

Rhythmic prayer song of Ashana…

To end this post, my prayers to each of you , thank you for reading my blogs and signing up too along the way. Extended prayers for those in grief and loss, may our memories bring us succor and time bring us ease.

You are invited to join a creative Moon Wisdom circle this Sunday. It is a free event, the details are in the invitation link.

Onward ~


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