Come to the Story

Storytelling, one of our oldest cultural forms for wisdom sharing and adventuring ~

My world revolves around story, I often don’t see it that way, yet over time it occurs that it does. I enjoy Archetypal Stories, Myths, Fairytales, Tales of Truth & Dare. I get wound up in my own whorl of story, my fears and dreams reveal themselves thru art and archetype.

Somehow, in the spin of the tale of what is possible, I believe ( maybe naively ) that we create our reality….this may or may not be true. One question I ask myself , what if ?

What if , once upon a time, this were true ? What if in a world that once was and always will be, this happened ? What if in a land that everyone lived in, but no one was there, a visitor arrived to discover …

Il etait une fois….once upon a time….

Once upon a time, I met a person who would become a teacher who would connect me to another teacher who would connect me to another…and another…thus creating a chain of story wisdom. This chain attached to a boulder at the cave of possibility once pulled opened into a chasm wonder as wide as the Grand Canyon, a chasm of possibilities.

Equal to the chasm, Celestial realms opened above, reinforcing the term ” As above, so below” the magical phrase that opens as a key to all that is within and that is without.

My world became dappled with light as tho the sun were shining thru a stained glass window, an array of light rainbows sparkling from a 1000 sided Crystal Prism.

This is the world of Human Design & The Gene Keys as I experience it. A world of Codes, Maps , Archetypes, Symbols, Guidelines, Mystery….and some of it may even be True. The Founder of The Human Design system qualified the teachings as an Experiment, he qualified the system as being Mechanical. ” Don’t take my word for it” he would often say, suggesting… Go and discover for yourself.

After 17 years of exploration, I am still on the trail.

To be continued ~~~

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