Rave New Year Begins ~

Each year with the seasonal rotation of the wheel of life, we find ourselves marking experience with a variety of New Year celebrations.  When the Sun find itself in the realm of the 41st Gate, we are in the field energy of the start codon of the 41st Gate.

The Gene Key which holds the Gift of Anticipation.

As ever, I anticipate wonderful unfolding dreams, for the Winter season beckons my dreaming self . Ever surprised by shape and color, these past months have found me creating in a variety of blues.  My Dreaming Muse  is  still  in  the  realm of  imaginal  landscapes,  slowly  easing  her way to  coming  Spring.

Collectively , we shall be in this Emanation field for about 5 days.  With all the transformational energies pulsating in Capricorn, it will be interesting to watch what unfolds in our personal and collective worlds !




“Fundamentally, when the Sun enters the 41st Gate (around January 22), this signals the beginning of the Rave New Year. That 41st Gate is quite extraordinary. In its relationship to genetics, it is the only initiating codon. If you think about genetics as being written out as an alphabet, the very beginning of any genetic sentence, in fact every genetic sentence, would begin with the 41st Gate. It starts everything.

When you look at the 41st Gate within the BodyGraph, you see the essential purpose inherent in it. The 41 to the 30, this Channel of Recognition that leads into the 35-36, the Channel of Transitoriness, these two Channels form a stream called the Human Experiential Way. Every January, as the Sun enters the 41st Gate, we initiate a new human experiential cycle on this plane.”


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