2020 Journey into Sacred Story

Deep Dive into Genius

Welcome in 2020 ~ beginning with a bit of slow down dreaming; resting and art making.  Come to the Story has been my holding place  for integrating imagery, myth, metaphor and Inner Journey discoveries ; 2019 unfolded as my own heroine’s journey into a healing into wholeness story as I discovered hidden ancestors and unknown histories.

Now what ?

As you read this you may be asking what is the Gene Keys ?  Follow this link https://genekeys.com/begin/159

This year, the Gene Keys will be hosting a deep dive into the Activation Sequence.   

The Activation Sequence is like establishing your StarGate Journey Coordinates, yes, I am flinging far out into the universe with this, as I enjoy tracking StarGate Activations while also walking the grounded earth.   

My Venus Gift is in the 44th Gene Key, with the Gift of Teamwork. I approach blending disciplines into my art making as much as I enjoy studying the stars.   As I attend this new 2020 Deep Dive, I will be holding 4  Creative Sessions via Zoom where we will visually weave the stories that rise up within the Activation Sequence.  

Please sign up for my newsletter if you are interested or join my Come to the Story FB page, you can private message me there;  these Activation Sequence creative sessions will be free and limited ; the times and date to be announced; Ideally you will be in the course with us to ride the transmission with Gene Keys author Richard Rudd. 

You can use any creative supplies, start harvesting images and poem, establish a sacred creative space for your contemplation and Creative Activations.  Top items, Glue stick, magazines, cardboard paper for making rounds, or gather cake rounds, pizza rounds. Ideally, obtain a Journey Circles Kit.  We begin at the end of January, so you have plenty of time to plan.  A private FB Group has been established called Journey Wisdom. 

In Art as Process, which is a term used Inner Journey  “work” ~ I use a product called JourneyCircles ™  A custom kit for this specific journey will soon be available .  

 There is no affiliate connection to the Journey Path Institute.  As a Certified Creative Depth Coach and JourneyCircles™ Facilitator, my work involves this process,                                                         which over time has proven to be insightful and encouraging. 

 My work also involves creating an altered books ~ in my case creating a Cosmic Smashbook which becomes home to my thoughts, processes and journey circles. My goal is to make a several sets of videos so that you too can follow along to create your own unique Smashbook ; which would be handy as you might enjoy following this 2020 Journey into Sacred Story; which will unfold mysteriously on its own terms.

If you are interested in Intentional Creativity, and painting your Activation Sequence and your Muse of Genius, please stay tuned for future announcements.

You will see a link to the Gene Keys Deep Dive , this is my affiliate link. I invite you to join the community in this Activation Sequence experience.  I have been Gene Keys deep diving since our first official community 2009 where I has the honor of being one of the original Gene Keys Guides . Now, 2020, time to step into more mystery!   Wishing you each a Blessed New Year ~


Questions ?  Email   kendall@cometothestory.com


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