Whirling Days of Autumn Day 1

I am waking up from my slumber much like this little red fox (peering out ,perhaps, from behind an imaginary oak tree) to write this post. Have been nestled in my internal world for quite awhile, watching the global world as it plays out a variety of dramatic tales while integrating my own growth and changes. 

Recently ( last night) reviewing my blog , pondering its raison d’etre and my writing.  I accepted a 31 day October Blog Challenge, this is day 3 for the challenge but day one for me…a flury of blog posts will begin to hit my followers and I do hope that it isn’t too much, yet I sense it will be a revealing learning experience.  I began at 6:00 this morning with the plan of writing and now that it is 15 hours later, I just couldn’t put it off any longer.

I also have been painting, sketching…drawing, scribbling, enjoying background music, hot tea and beautiful colors that the artist’s palette brings to my hearth. Instead of codes and mysterious cosmic gateways tonight…let’s talk artist studio ( more on codes and keys to the universe later, it is after all a 31 day challenge !) But, if you are a Human Design enthusiast and a Generator to boot, you might understand that pause,  that struggle before the energetic go-button saying “Launch !”  is pushed ~ 

Back to the studio, do you have one ? For many years my studio was my easel at foot of my bed in a lovely but tiny studio room…it was good to have my art making right there, so that at any inspired moment  or spontaneous impulse in the continuation of a project,  I could reach out and roll into the canvas or onto the page.  Times have changed, more space came as a natural evolution, now there is art making in dedicated areas ~ I am surrounded by the chaotic wonderment of possibilities.  My easel has it own room and I have more resting space. Studios are a marvel, they can inhabit much square footage or the space of your lap. A studio can even reside just in your heart, where you make your images, as your Soul Self dreams, where the images and expressions rest waiting for you to discover them and their connections to your mystery.

 Intentional Creativity opens up our world within, tapping our imagination allowing for easier access to those dreams and insights. Solutions may arise as a surprise. The invisible reveals itself thru color and metaphor, on the canvas, on the collage circle, in your journal, in your Life ~ in your Heart. This is the beginning of how we come into our stories. We find the path, focus on a direction to make that first step , not always knowing that we have answered some mysterious call that will take us on a Journey ~





5 thoughts on “Whirling Days of Autumn Day 1

  1. congrats on starting your blog. It inspires me to come back more fully to the pen as well. Will see how I can tend my own Sacred Heart through so many changing demands daily. May you have many blessings.

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  2. Well– as in the Wellspring has bubbled to the surface to slowly bring forth the joy, the insight, the gift, as only you may touch, transform or interpret so others may drink, pause, open one eye slowing, or just be refreshed.. Truly remarkable!!! Diego


  3. Ok, you had me at the FOX! I can’t say that word to loudly as my two Foxhounds would start howling! Then the paintbrushes oh my I’ve been thinking of doing some painting lately- I do miss it! Then you have the picture of the trail- Ironically enough my novel starts out running the trails with my dog! Gotta run today!

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