Goddess, Twins & Swans….

What if our collective thoughts influenced the weather ?

Fires have been burning in outrageous fury here in the Southwest, yet it is snowing in Colorado…I long for moisture and rain. No rain has come, yet the sky is filled with soft clouds and less smoke these past few days. As we enter the days of Summer, the benefits of daydreaming are amplified. I’ve made more conscious effort to pause, reflect and kick my shoes off at the park….the feel of fresh grass connecting me to the earth and memories of Summer fun and freedom.

All being said, I take it to the page and invite you to join me because creating together is fun !

This weekend two events: Saturday, May 28th 11:00 am MST

Let’s get your Summer Cosmic SmashBook™ ready !

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  Gemini New Moon

Sunday, May 29 2:00 pm MST

Goddesses, Twins & Swans oh my ….

Rekindle and reimagine myths & folktales.

Reframe the old into the new, embrace this time as that of a  Renaissance, a fresh perspective thru active imagination and art making 

Longing for your own Cosmic SmashBook ™?

Come make one !

Create your Summertime Cosmic SmashBook™

Join me in a pop up class ~

this Saturday, May 28th 11:00 am MST

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Wishing you all a safe and magical week !

A Golden Path, Visionary Woman, Red Thread

Hi Dear Followers of Visionary Woman ~

It has been along time since my last post , I have struggle often times beginning posts with so much to say , then nothing to say. So I stopped, just like a stubborn mule, I stopped writing and sharing, but never stopped diving in this mysterious path called Life.

Now I am embracing a more artistic life, moving into another expression of myself as a visionary woman. A new site is evolving to weave Intentional Creativity with the Gene Keys ~ with a sense of passionate play visions are being called forth from the ethers waiting for me to pull them into reality.

I paint more now as a spiritual practice, create more altars ~ ponder more mysteries and sleep more deeply. The rains are creating a music tonight in the sweet August air of New Mexico ~

~ I will approach its evolution as a creative project not a final expression, as a very spontaneous being if I tried to actually finish it to be “ready” I will never ever get it together.

More sweet news in my world is that Richard Rudd, friend and mentor, has completed restructuring his site, so a new journey begins from the vantage point of the Gene Keys, The Golden Path.

Richard has begun a pilot Affiliate program which I am blessed to be included in at this stage of development click the butterfly.

guidingHands copy

I have found particular elements of the work to be exquisitely helpful on my own journey, these elements I call the Golden Keys which I am connecting to mystical element of  The Red Thread.

Richard has brilliantly fleshed out the language of the “Lines” which I refer to as the Golden Keys, these keys serve in unlocking dark and stuck places within our creative and emotional environments.

Over these months I have cultivated a creative process embracing these “Lines” to support us in the cycles of creative unfolding whether we are painting, drawing , writing or have a good old tussle with our shadow self.

( I have a name for the process too but where did I place that magical notebook full of mysterious revelations…hmmmm, have to wait until the reveal !)

My unfolding journey with the Gene Keys became challenging when I truly wished to find a way to open a portal for you to feel them without us getting so in our heads with it all and too intellectual , consequently I went on another journey…with another mentor, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, I have enjoyed several courses over the years ( simultaneously with Gene Keys) which naturally led this past year to the Certification program The Color of Woman, which then has led to The Red Thread Nation. The scope of the possible is breathtaking and heart expanding.

More later ~

With Abundant Blessings,


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