New Kind of Time

Wowza ~ it has been a new kind of Time and a new kind of Different. Firstly, prayers and compassion to all going thru various shades of change. Joy/Grief vibrating in the same moments almost in the same breath.

What is the Color of Love ? Our Cosmic Smash Booking community has pulled together a Valentine’s Day Hop for this coming Sunday, February 14th, the classes are our gift to you.

Even if you don’t have a Smash Book, come join us ~ grab some paper and coloring crayons , no experience needed ~

Here is the reminder sign up link for the group.

I’ve been creating more and more in my Cosmic Smash Book, I do have some classes coming up, the technology gremlins have me in their grip, so I am delayed in announcements.

The class Art of Living Your Design has been so much fun, this first wave of Human Design based classes blending Art as Process & Cosmic Smash Booking will be ongoing.

Would you like to be kept in the loop ? Please sign up for my NewsLetter , once the gremlins release me, I will be able to create with more ease.

Until then, Signed in Stardust ~

ps, I almost forgot ! Every day I am learning how to integrate these platform of website and social media ~ I have a website just for purchasing my art. Now that I am a stay at home for a long time lady, I have a chance to focus on bringing my work out into the world…that includes my art work too…there are a lot of playful products on this site that Fine Art America produces with my original images as well as art reproductions for your walls. Also, Greeting Cards are available , will be uploading fresh images soon ( yes, once the gremlins let me ) Hopefully, my Esty store will get linked in soon. In the meantime here is

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