Coming Soon ~ November 2nd

This Sequence lies at the heart of the Golden Path. You can locate your free hologenetic profile at

For those of you who wish to take this journey, I offer a complimentary Facebook group as support for the process, as an add on we shall have the option in the group of visually mapping your journey with creative arts, easy peasy….gentle into a bit of Intentional Creativity & JourneyCircles™ discover how art as process can inform your journey as the Venus Sequence becomes alive within.

Email me if you have questions and for the Facebook group link once you sign up.

The next Let’s Talk Venus Zoom ~ October 24th 11:00 am MST

Golden Path Guidance Readings are available Tuesdays thru Saturday at sliding scale., allow for 24 hours to respond ( I take Sunday’s off )

The links here are my affiliate link to this 6 month long journey with Richard Rudd and Tanmayo Lawson. Your life will be enriched with new tools and deeper understanding of the Language of Love & Frequency and how this technology of language informs your experiences in all of your relationships, most importantly your relationship with yourself.

Here is a video introduction with Richard Rudd

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