Healing with Art

As the days flow by…I rummage thru memorabilia, boxes of photos reveal stories of so many days gone by. I have about 50 journals of poetry and insight that I have written over time, sketchbooks also await my reflective visitation.  I have set an intentional vision in place to review my journals and create an illustrated book of insights.

My mom passed in 2007,  I am still working thru papers of memorabilia from her interests. She loved cooking and recipes. I am fond of her cookbooks and although I have lightened my shelves a wee bit, I have kept many as I find comfort in their presence. She didn’t stop at cookbooks, she clipped and saved recipes. One of my recent projects was to get those loose recipes put into one place, mission accomplished; there are hundreds ! Now, to create a special box to hold them.  I particularly enjoy finding her hand written notes in the recipes, notes and names of the wonderful women who shared their treasured secrets. Cooks are alchemists of the greatest kind.

Creative projects seem to stack up, so now I actually calendar them so that I don’t get too distracted and I take action steps in small ways to achieve these goals.  I find that now my grief at her passing has lightened that it is easier to read her papers. Grieving knows no end and has no time markers. Fluid and real, it can bubble up at anytime. Taking that bubbling emotion and putting into art making can support your being in the experience , that is what I discovered over these past many years.

Which leads me to my journey into the Color of Woman Method of painting, a certification course I took in 2012.  The Color of Woman Method has also evolved into a larger container called Intentional Creativity, created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  I discovered Shiloh’s work at  around the time my mom was transitioning back in 2006, also that Autumn I attended my Venus Sequence Practitioners in person training in San Diego…( see I am reflecting again )  and I do pop around in my writing, so bear with me I think can tie this together.

I share this because all of these systems and pathways that I have been studying lead to deepening your relationship with your Self.  And in this time of what I will call a Renaissance, discovering how your inner compass directs you is of prime importance.

Just like with recipes, we add ingredients to our living experience.

Intention.   Hold that word lightly and think about what intention means for you….

Here is a little movie of one of my paintings using a blend of intentional creativity and the creative depth coaching process




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