The weekends can be a magical time of no time. Time for a movie, time for walking without destination. Time to sketch and journal without an end goal.  


There is a pleasure in moving “with time” and also in being ” in time” without pressure . I enjoy spending hours researching and learning.  I often take a moment on the weekend to learn new software technology, even if that is just learning how to grok Instagram or create an Etsy store. 

The weekend is a time where there seems to be some freedom of choice for how I spend my time. I can rest, read, pursue study, catch up on projects, go with the flow.   I can bounce from project to project, the “have to” pressure is off.   Yet, in actuality, I often work on weekend to catch up the “have to ” commitments and self promises.






4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Weekends are a time for me to catch up too.
    But i never learn a new program or software. I can barely manage the basic ones I have.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Typically, I like to simply relax on Sunday. If I were to do some work, it would be because I decided to, not because of an email or phone call from a client.

    Today, I went to a street fair and did some hiking!


  3. I am committed to post every day this month, or more likely 31 days this month. There are always challenges, like travelling away from reliable internet connections and other time commitments. For me it takes about 5 hours to prepare each post. I do it to stay disciplined and to share what I have seen with others, to motivate them to move about this wonderful world and experience all it has to offer.

    Blog on!


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