Not a Straight Line


Not a Straight Line
Discovery revealed that once upon a time, to stretch from goal to goal worked.
In a straight Line, we moved from childhood to adulthood, from first kiss to parenting.
Living now in new geometries, the circle reveals her qualities, dips, swerves, curves,
the feminine is in the mark making, yet not in a straight line.
She lives within, in hidden code

venpic2and thus our new lives, our new stories unfold as we yield to deeper mystery.

“Under daylight’s glow, we walk beneath a canopy of stars, which more visibly shine upon us as the Sun, our solar star, sets in the western sky.  The myths are far and wide, stories reach from the Ancients to arc into our awakening modern identity. Our Ancestral pathways ,within our DNA Spiral, were birthed under these same stars. Constellations identified, glorified and mystified, set as beacons by the storytellers of old, sparkle as wise beings above.” excerpt from StarAlchemy by Kendall S. Scott

wishing on a star sung by Rose Royce

cancer-constellation-jamieson-1822-smWe enter the constellation of The Crab on June 20

the energies of The Wanderer meet us here in the Channel of Entertainment 56/11 , the power source of galactic center infusing this mid way point of Summer. The 11th Gate of the Visionary Shaman is known for the way of Light and seeks the 56th to meet in Story.

Gene Key 56

Siddhi:   Intoxication

Gift:     Enrichment

Shadow:     Distraction

Inquiry for this time ~ what story is carrying you ? Are you being carried away ?

Freedom by Kendall

Freedom by Kendall

The Earth at this time is will be grounded in Gene Key 60 as a contemplation into our Evolution.

Siddhi:      Justice

Gift:          Realism

Shadow:      Limitation

Under the surface, behind the veil of stars our Radiance pulses:

Radiance point at this juncture is:

Gene Key 3

Siddhi : Innocence

Gift: Innovation

Shadow: Chaos

Holding us to Purpose in the dense warm Earth

Gene Key 50

Siddhi: Harmony

Gift: Equilibrium

Shadow: Corruption

The Crab carries its home on its back, moving in sideways motion. Sacrificed in ancient battle and placed amoungst the stars as its reward. Representing safe harbor of home yet oftentimes also abandonment, The Crab is a deep dark sign, allowing a place for our emotional depths to rest and be nourished.

Nautilus provided by Wikimedia

Nautilus provided by Wikimedia





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