Wolf Moon Rave New Year

Rave New Year  January 22,2016  14:37:53 GMT


Jovian Archive Media Inc.

14 hrs ·

“When you live a cycle as yourself it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the cycle. It really doesn’t. It’s something to keep in mind about the Rave New Year. First of all, about the nature of the Rave New Year, history is full of calendars. And calendars have always been one of two things. That is, they’ve been religious or they’ve been political. The Rave New Year is a mechanical reality. That is, it is truly the beginning of what is an annual process. The key to all of that is the magic of the 41st gate. This has to do with the relationship of the hexagrams of the I’Ching, to the codons of our genetic code. And when it comes to the 41st gate which in the I’Ching is known as Decrease, the 41st gate is associated with what is known as a start codon, Methonine. It’s the only start codon.

I want to really get you to grasp what that actually means. In all the genetic forms of life, that is, all the bioforms on this planet, that in their genetic code it’s written in such a way that at the beginning of every single piece of strung out data, at the beginning of every so called genetic sentence, at the very beginning, the only way a genetic sentence can begin is with the 41st codon. It’s why when the Sun enters into the 41st gate that we’re really dealing with something that’s special. That is, we’re dealing with the Sun entering into a position in which its influence in that 41st gate is influencing all forms of life, and influencing them at the beginning of what is a solar cycle.

So this movement of the Sun here into the 41.1, and here’s the 41st gate down here in the Root Center. And of course, it’s something to understand at a very simple level, the Root Center in Human Design is a pressure center. Every year begins with a pressure. It begins with the pressure that’s there in the 41 to start things. It’s a beautiful image in the traditional I’Ching, that is, in the ancient I’Ching, the 41st hexagram is a hexagram of decrease. And it’s really decrease in the sense of what a gardener does at the end of the growing season when they cut everything back. And they cut everything back so that it can sprout anew. And the 41st gate is about this eternal font of potential inherent in human beings.

Not only is the 41st gate the initiating codon and therefore the beginning of things, but when you see it in the layout of the bodygraph you see its true, true purpose. This movement from the 41 here to the 30th gate to the 36th gate and then up here to the 35th gate, this is called the human experiential way. It is literally about the nature of what it is to be human on this plane. And it is a stream of desire.

The 41st gate is a pressure. It is a desire. And it’s a desire for the experience. One of the ways in which you can deconstruct the 41st gate is that it’s a gate of fantasy. Inherent in humanity is the potential for this incredible fantasy. We all know it. We live in an age where you can make a movie like Avatar. You can think up anything you want and you can realize it. Our imagination is extraordinary. And it is rooted here in this 41st gate, this initiating force, this pressure to move us into experience.”
Ra Uru Hu – Rave New Year


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