“Queen of Heaven” 2012

This journey so far ~ that is how my journal opened on January 1, 2013  ~  I have discovered…and the discovery was so obvious, yet I had not “owned” the knowing – I discovered that I adore Mystery Schools ~ I am drawn to investigate great mysteries, these mysteries are cosmic. I am rather sure that my readers, friends and many friends yet unknown enjoy great cosmic mysteries also.  Esoteric Mystery schools are calling me deeper and deeper into relationship with Cosmic Mystery,  revealing, naturally ~ the more I know the less I know, the delight of the Piscean double bind tickles my sense of humor.

These mystery journeys are taking me deeper into the realms of Creativity  ~ the morning spent painting, the mid morning spent signing up for The Temple of the Red Madonna, then into  the late afternoon reading The Last Ember by Daniel Levin ~

Impulse for the New Year is to begin a small Ning community of Moonbeams who would like to dance in the twightlight of creativity with me monthly ~ more on that later, when I have the articulation, time and details.

February 8-9, 2013   Intentional Creativity Workshop with Kendall Scott, click link to see the flyer

February Workshop Flyer yes

My “Queen of Heaven” began as a pastel, after glazing became a deeper being ~ the photo doesn’t catch the layers of light which are evident in the Sun Light, the next query of her is, would you like to return to the pastel greens or go more… golden…pinker lips or coral…stars surrounding you …or….or…or….she will be with me for several hours or days, then suddenly express what more she desires, I sketch her different patterns during this process of inquiry and reflection ~

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