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I am deeply committed to the processes of Self Transformation, in the context of Art &  Spirituality with a touch of Quantum Wonder, my days find me expressing these views as  Artist, Writer,Visionary Guide  and Creative Depth Coach embracing the waves of change with the passionate joy of a gentle heart becoming.

As I add my voice to choir of many – after much study, investigation and contemplation, I bring the gifts of my experience to the marketplace, to share – to spark an element of wonder and magic into realms of imagination and inquiry.

In 2017 my inner journey education led me to the Journey Path Institute to become a Certified Creative Depth Coach and licensed JourneyCircles™ Facilitator and more recently  MoonCircles™  Facilitator.

Since 2004, after my discovery of the Human Design System and and extensive 5 year Professional study with Human Design America and Jovian Archives; International Human Design School,   Certification as a Living Your Design Guide ; I had entered a new world of the possible.

This deep exploration of my Soul and Consciousness led to an even deeper inquiry into Creativity in an effort to expand and integrate the path of transforming consciousness thru visual language , which led to working with Shiloh Sophia McCloud where I have nested my creative inquires and skill making since 2009 eventually becoming  Intentional Creativity®  Teacher & Creativity Guide in 2013. I continue to evolve my education in the IC Programs.  This community also has a program founded by my cohort, Catt Geller called Cosmic Smashbooking, which, naturally I added to my list of accomplishments, this year, becoming a certified  Cosmic Smashbook Teacher.

Lineage, an important aspect of honoring those who came before. In the IC Community, Leonore Thomas Strauss shephered Sue Hoya Sellars, who shepherded Shiloh Sophia McCloud, who shephered , me.    Intentional Creativity intuitively and intentionally guides us into the unknown known.

Lineage, in the the spheres of teaching Human Design. First teacher for me was Genoa Bliven, who opened the window into a new world as illuminated by Ra Uru Hu. I learned so much from Ra’s voice on CD, not being one who went Ibiza, I listened to hour upon hour to Ra’s lessons on Human Design and had the honor of a few online classes with Ra prior to his passing.   Ra had opened the door to Richard Rudd, who established Human Design UK; whose work evolved into the Gene Keys, The Golden Path.

This is how movements evolve and grow, thru lineage.

Ever weaving a tapestry of many paths and even in a simultaneous way, as Richard Rudd’s  The Golden Path evolved, my work also evolved within the emerging Gene Keys community first as becoming a Venus Sequence Practitioner in it first iteration, then as an original Gene Keys Guide in the 2009 community Deep Dive.  I was thrilled to have this opportunity as my early days in Santa Fe were engaged with the work of Eva Pierakos, The Pathwork, as offered by Claire and Irving Wahrhaftig.

Even before arriving to the Southwest, I was immersed in the discovery of lessons in a book called A Course in Miracles .  which emerged for me whilst living in Marin County.  Each step along the way has been a natural progression of learning and discovery.  The Gene Keys was an evolutionary progression deepening into my own heart & the heart of humanity; its Shadows, Gifts and Siddhi states of consciousness.

As a Gene Keys Guide, in a cohort setting, the original group formed and grounded the Activation Session.  A portal session for beginners on the Golden Path and a pillar of codes that hold your navigational compass.

Although the path of transformation is a solo journey, support is available thru an initial Activation to get you grounded and introduced to the frequency and wavelength of the Golden Path journey.

I will circle back now to my Journey Path Mentor, Cat Caracelo, another lineage holder of Creative , Depth Process and Shadow work.  In an interesting cross section that life often offers, she and I both have deepened our experience in shadow work at different times with the late Debbie Ford.

Creativity in its many forms and  Art as Process in the context of Self Transformation, transforming Shadow,  activating Gifts,  softens the grip that our stories hold on us.  Come to the Story ™ offers a blended approach to  creative self exploration.

This is my SoulSong: To bridge the gaps between the reality of being asleep and awakening into Light Language Awareness latent within our DNA- weaving the poetic essence of our Creative Imagination, thru Symbol, Myth and Metaphor.

Creative Arts support the light embodiment and expansion incoming consciousness that the Gene Keys inspires to awaken.  Embracing  a blended approach  to  the realms  of  inner  exploration  is the  Come  to  the  Story  ™  viewpoint.

As my SoulSong expands, so does my inquiry into our awakening Divine Feminine Codes ~ more on that conversation in 2020.

In summation, what if you aren’t into all this stuff ?  It’s okay.  The codes are within, which is why Creative Depth Coaching is so much fun, you don’t need to have an idea or experience of any of these modalities.  When you find your person , your Guide to work with, that individual will hold sacred space and create containers to support and empower your journey work for your inner discoveries and epiphanies.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Greetings, Kendall Sarah. Many thanks for coming by Sophia’s Children and following my musings via that space. I appreciate finding your site and musings as well. The great experiment of ‘living into our design’ … yes, indeed. 🙂 Blessings, Jamie


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