April Events 2019


Prana Blessings  1925 Rosina St C, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

12:00 pm

Kendall Scott will be sharing insights into how art making with mindfulness enhances your life by initiating access to your inner stories. When we create with intentionality, we activate our left and right brain. Applying intention supports the opening of new pathways of expression; expressive art making often leads to creative solutions and unfolding new possibilities of self-empowerment. Where by we can release & reframe our old stories and activate our dreams.



Cosmic Smash Booking    

Cosmic Smash Booking is a playful twist on Art Journaling and Intentional Creativity ®

This process embraces a fun and heartwarming approach to uniquely transform the way you create. We will write a bit, smash a bit, paint and collage a bit ~

In this three-week series; you will make your own sacred container – a Cosmic Smash Book – and learn ways to spark your creative fires with a whimsical approach.

Each session will offer a fresh viewpoint into the mystery of art making, inner work and your unfolding transformation.

Infused with your own energy and intention, this workshop will open portals of possibilities.

                                                 When:     April 4th; 11th and 17th    6:15 pm to 8:00pm

                                                 Place: Prana Blessings  1925 Rosina St., Santa Fe, NM  87505

                                                  Price: 3 week series $ 100.00   (tax included)

No prior art skill needed; materials included yet you are welcome to bring magazine images for collag

RSPV by phone or email…..workshop space limited to 25 participants

tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite look for Cosmic Smashbook Journey or pay at the event

email:  kendall.visionarywoman@gmail.com    505-210-0554   website: http://www.cometothestory.com

Santa Fe Artist, Kendall Scott happily brings you this innovative approach to intuitive and expressive creativity.  Images seen here are from a variety of her personal Cosmic Smashbooks. Not all pages are of faces, this is just what she love to paint! Kendall is a Certified Creative Depth Coach and Intentional Creativity Teacher. She has been creating as a Cosmic Smashbook artist for several years and is celebrating her certification overseen by its originator Catt Geller.


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