Tea with the Muse 2017

Tea with the Muse 2017             Santa Fe, New Mexico     Visionary Woman Studio Arts      April 8th  11:00 – 2:00      $ 45.00  materials and tea included with light lunch.

Did you know brushes are magic wands? Our theme is MUSE and lighting your Creative Fire – because the MUSE lights the FUSE.

Stories begin to unfurl. Playfulness begins to dance.
There will be movement. There will be chocolate. There will be Red Thread. There will be a teaching on how to MOVE your energy from the stuck places. We will share poetry from Shiloh Sophia’s Tea with the Midnight Muse.

There will be INTENTION setting so powerful that you will gain a new sense of how to ACCESS your creative fire when you need it. Our Tea With The Muse series coordinates with Muse gatherings around the world, where we weave the common threads of our lives and stories, sipping tea, sharing poetry and creativity. Bring your Smashbook or journal, and don your creative hat for tea with your Muse 

to register contact:        kendall.visionarywoman@gmail.com