Moon Wisdom Creativity with Moon~Circles™

Full Moon Wisdom

Please join in a complementary circle Zoom Link

Creative group process, no prior experience needed

Monthly Creative Circle: Once a month near or on the New Moon

Cosmic Smashbooking™ meets MoonCircles™ link to making a Cosmic Smashbook as container

Experience expressive arts, & creative depth as an intentional process

MoonScape Creative Pages ~

Moon Kit for our Moon Wisdom Journeys

Facebook Group:

Monthly Creative Circles: New Moon Magic, monthly near or on the day of the new moon.


use whatever you have .. it is all perfect! Use what you have right in front of you … regular journal or plain paper, even a paper bag !

Something to make color such as

Pens and Pencils

If you have the following bring them with you:

Pieces of colored construction paper
Fancy Paper
Glue stick
Red thread, yarn, string, embroidery thread

Brads for creating moving attachments