Moon Wisdom Creativity with Moon~Circles™

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Tuesday, June 14th Full Moon Wisdom Free Complimentary Class

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Three Time Choices join in one or all

Morning 10:00 am MST Zoom Link

Afternoon 2:00 pm MST Zoom Link

Evening 7:00 pm MST Zoom Link

Monthly Creative Circle: Once a month near or on the Full Moon

Experience the application of Creative Depth, Intentional Creativity and Cosmic SmashBooking™ in a circle led by Artist, Kendall Sarah Scott

Cosmic Smash Book Oracle

Cosmic Smashbooking meets MoonCircles™ link to making a Cosmic Smashbook

Create MoonScape Resting Pages ~ Express energies from monthly moon lore

Moon Kit for our Moon Wisdom Journeys

Would you like to join MoonBeams in our facebook group ? We share our creations of Cosmic MoonSmashing… & MoonCircles™ applying Intentional Creativity practices by the light of the silvery moon.

Facebook Group:

Monthly Creative Circles: Once a month near or on the Full Moon

Collage papers, such as magazine and catalog images
Glue Stick
Round card material, like a cake round or cut from water color paper /cereal box; or MoonCircles™cards , links to purchasing kit is here

Facebook Groups:


Come to the Story


The fun of Cosmic Smash Booking is you use whatever you have .. it is all perfect! Use what you have right in front of you … Your Cosmic Smash Book, regular journal or plain paper, even a paper bag !

Something to make color such as

Pens and Pencils

If you have the following bring them with you:

Pieces of colored construction paper
Fancy Paper
Glue stick
Red thread, yarn, string, embroidery thread

Brads for creating moving attachments