Blooming intoBeing

2 thoughts on “Blooming intoBeing

  1. Dear Kendall, I am quite interested to hear a response to, “what is Creative Depth Coaching?” I clicked on this part of your menu and found this beautiful image, but still have the question as to what you might be offering as creative depth coaching. Since chatting with you the other day, I am remembering the richness of your offerings and experience and appreciating some of the potent common ground we share, as well. If I were to engage you for creative depth coaching, what might that look like? I feel that to be supported by someone like you (with our common ground of HD and Gene Keys plus more) would be very essential to my process of empowerment around my blindspots and what-is-waiting-to-emerge more fully as me being myself at a higher level of potential. Thanks for anything you would be drawn to share. Would you like to respond to anything I have mentioned here? ❤

    • Dear Janice, Thank you for your mindful post. I also enjoyed our chat from earlier this week and am now pondering my response to more fully answer your questions. Will have more soon ~ Many Blessing, Kendall

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