Sunday, January 23        2:00 pm MST Individual Purchase

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  1. love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.”his courage and devotion to duty never wavered” Similar: loyalty faithfulness fidelity trueness staunchness steadfastness constancy commitment adherence allegiance dedication devoutness fondness love admiration affection attentiveness carecaring warmness closeness Opposite: disloyalty indifference hatred
    • religious worship or observance.”the order’s aim was to live a life of devotion” Similar: devoutness piety religiousness spirituality godliness holiness sanctity saintliness
    • prayers or religious observances.plural noun: devotions“she went to her devotions”

Come to the Story 


     January 23, 2022      

2:00 pm MST via zoom

An Intentional Creativity Inquiry 

Virgin, Goddess, Earth Mother

On Finding Peace thru Art & Contemplation

Gather in Red Thread Circle

Visually Explore the historical Virgin of the Andes as inspired by the Art School of Cusco 

Lean into deeper mystical roots of the Rosary

Access your inner knowing thru Metacognitive Drawing techniques

Participate in rich transformational conversation

Create your inspired image;

Virgin, Goddess, Earth Mother

with intentional creativity processes guided by artist Kendall Sarah Scott

via Zoom, link sent day of class; replays sent out on following Tuesday

$335 full price purchase,… includes December Replay

All sessions can be purchased individually

Devotion 2022 Winter Schedule:

Sunday, January 23        2:00 pm MST Individual Purchase

Sunday, February 27      2:00 pm MST Individual Purchase

Sunday, March 28           2:00 pm MST  Individual Purchase

Sunday, December 26 Replay link to purchase

Your imagery arises from within you, a process is demonstrated which you can follow as you create. 

no prior experience needed

whether beginner or advanced in experiential art making, approach from with a beginners mind.

In Devotion, activities are fluid , you can use either Water Color paper or Cosmic Smash Book, Collage or paint.  My courses are intuitive and emergent, it is handy to have a variety of creative supplies, such as, glue, collage images, a water color paper pad,  Canson Mixed Media Art Journal 11 x 14, Golden Fluid Acrylics

A Cosmic Smash Book™ is used as a primary container in my offerings, below is a link to the details of how to create a Cosmic Smash Book

Social Media Note:

Group sharing will be available on Come to the Story Mighty Networks 

Zoom Links sent day of event, and an invitation to join Mighty Networks will be emailed before class .

Practical Note:

I am a one woman office, please allow 24 hours for response time to inquiries.

Monthly creative devotional ; Energies of the Mother Earth thru Divine Feminine Image and Symbol

Encompassing symbolic and metaphoric language of the Earth Mother , known by many names in many cultures….