Creative I Ching Classes

Next Class Saturday April 24th 11:00 am MST

Due to popular requests date for one presentation is Saturday April 24th 11:00 am MST.

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You are invited to join in a Come to the Story Creativity Session in an exploration of the I Ching around the Wheel beginning with the Hexagrams also know as Gates and Keys that are in the sign of Aries.

We now move to the Gates of Taurus, our exploration is an ambitious one and will continue thru to Pisces.

My groups have a common focus, self expression, expansion and transformation.

Suggested donation: $ 64.00

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Pay if Forward Scholarship Fund, Visionary Woman LLC is the mother company of Come to the Story. Our ongoing experience of Covid 19 has encouraged us to create a scholarship fund which allows us to continue to offer programs and includes Gifting participants. Your Donations are greatly appreciated.

If financially tickled by Covid, please reach out , sign up anyway, join in , come along… email me if any questions.