~ Creative Depth Coaching ~

What is Creative Depth Coaching ?

Explore the inner and outer landscapes of your story ~


As a relational Creative Depth Coach and Intentional Creativity Teacher, my blended professional practice of Inner Journey Work utilizes my knowledge of my deep study within Human Design & The Gene Keys. These systems dip into the realms of consciousness by integrating advanced and ancient knowledge of the Kabbalah, Astrology, The Chakra System and the I Ching. Each mentioned discipline a complete life study on their own, yet when we creatively access the wisdom field with guidance & support, new information has the potential to reveal itself while old information can be released and re-framed if it no longer serves.

Creative practice as process, shifts the way we approach art making. The approach to the blank page, canvas or project is encouraged to rise up from within. The truth telling, as it were, occurs spontaneously and out of deep intuitive mind.