Creative Depth Coaching

What is Creative Depth Coaching?

Creative Depth Coaching is a narrative and relational method of coaching that has the option of blending and working with Art Making Processes, also referred to as Expressive Arts.

Carl Jung pioneered the concepts of depth work in Jungian psychology as well as identifying and defining Archetypes that represent universal patterns and images that are part of the collective unconscious.

In Jungian psychology, archetypes represent universal patterns and images that are part of the collective unconscious. Archetypes have universal meanings across culture. Their themes can be found in art, literature, religion and in your dreams.

Creative Depth Coaching session unfolds in a setting of established rapport and agreement to explore your inquiries and concerns.

This inner world exploration unfolds thru deep listening in your session. Your inner landscapes, energies and stories are explored in a safe and supported co-creative environment.

As our stories are embraced, expressed and shifted, so does our daily experience.  We actually create more “space” in our lives to call in a more fulfilling and self actualizing experience.

Some stories dominate our thinking, others remain hidden. Creative Depth Coaching seeks to create balance and harmony with the Self as a Whole. Bringing new information forward, the hidden stories loosen their gripping energies as light is shed upon them…dominating stories can be relaxed as they are expressed and given voice or visual expression.

Creative Depth Coaching is client led, your unique coaching experience designed for you in an unfolding timeline, thru various modalities, techniques and tools that will invite you to explore and expand.

When we arrive into a Creative Depth Coaching session, we often arrive within a mystery that requires our trust to the unfolding experience.  The Creative Depth Coach guides thru the mystery.

With the use of images, collaging and art making processes, we uncover, together . the story and stories that are waiting to be revealed.

Creative practice as process, shifts the way we approach art making. There is no goal or intended product. The approach to the blank page, canvas or project is encouraged to rise up from within. The truth telling, as it were, occurs spontaneously and out of deep intuitive mind.