Reveal Your Genius

You are invited !

Wednesday, June 9th 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm MST ( scroll down for your time zone)

Reveal Your Genius / Cosmic Smash Book ~ Elements of Summer, Air, Water, Fire

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Class held on Zoom ~ No Public Recording, this is our Sacred Time together.

Link will be sent to you day of class.

Cosmic Smash Booking with like minded creators is good for your health !

You begin to write, express and emote onto your pages, this page “under” writing is for you and your private self.

Your Smash Page is now evolving…each page spread often has a theme…Restore, Revive, Reveal…as you write, express, feel.

A moment will come when it will be time to keep going, that is when layers are added , the transformation has begun, you literally move the story from you bodies and mind onto the page transforming your experience & story !

Want to come create a new Lightness of Being with me ?

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The fun of Cosmic Smash Booking is you use whatever you have .. it is all perfect! Use what you have right in front of you … Your Cosmic Smash Book, regular journal or plain paper, even a paper bag !

Something to make color such as

Pens and Pencils

If you have the following bring them with you:

Pieces of colored construction paper
Fancy Paper
Glue stick
Red thread, yarn, string, embroidery thread

Hi, I am Kendall , your Cosmic Smash Book Teacher / Guidess / Creatrix …

Visionary Artist and Come to the Story Founder.

I guide and support you in accessing your intuition through the Cosmic Smash Book Process, using a combination of Intentional Creativity ® and art journaling.

My life experience has led me into many esoteric areas, such as Human Design and the Gene Keys, my path with these systems is deeply interwoven with Intentional Creativity®, JourneyCircles™ & Cosmic Smash Booking ~ I became so enchanted with all these processes that I no longer see them as separate. I even became a Certified Creative Depth Coach !

It is my pleasure to bring my experience and insights to your process !

In between creative pursuits and fulfilling my curious nature, I am a business woman. the bread and butter comes thru my Consulting & Accounting talents.

Questions ? Write me ~