~ About Me ~


I have an appetite for learning, an unleashed hunger which seeks the depths of life’s esoteric wonders and curiosities.

As many seekers along with me,  the more I know, the more I am in the Mystery. The alchemist’s wand waves thru the air revealing a return to beginner’s mind yet my life has evolved in this tapestry of experience.

This desire has led me on a quest for illumination, story seeking, truth telling, wisdom knowing, myth making, art expressed search for my holy grail;  I hold a wish and prayer that my seeking will support yours. This photo gallery represents badges from my journey, oddly  enough, I am reminded of girl scout badges from long ago !

Each of us will come to the story on our own terms, some gently, some with teeth gnashing, ~ some wide eyed and disbelieving, some spellbound.

 Our stories. Our lives intertwined with our imaginations; our experiences reflected in the landscape of our hearts.



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