Welcome to Come to the Story™. This title came about while in southern Spain. I learned something under those twinkling diamond stars that canopy the rolling hills of Andulacia. Land holds Story. The house I was staying in was built on a crystal mountain, from the balcony you could see a mountain in the shape of a stretching Jaguar Cat, a black jaguar ready to pounce… Venus to the Sea, I called that mountain cat. When the rains howled and the winds ripped round the house corners, I could hear land-witches’ screeching laughter. In the morning a bright clear day would welcome me with the sunny delights of the faeries…..

I gained some insights on that mountain…learning that we come to our stories. Our stories meet us beyond the veils of traditional experiences. They rise up from the land & sea, just as our inner images also rise up to meet our conscious selves. We don’t have to seek these stories…they will find us, they will weave themselves into the tapestry of our lives and somedays we will recognize them and somedays we won’t.

Come to the Story invites you to explore and play with image, myth, poetry and Intentional Creativity, JourneyCircles™ and Cosmic Smash Booking in a variety of creative journeys.

I have chosen a feminine business model of Philanthropy, Yin Currency, & Commerce the visual Matroyshka Dolls symbolize my style… nested, nested, nested…as our stories are nested…so is my site complicated, just like me and maybe even just like you.