Happy New Year 2016

Here, Now, Today

a fresh step

Another one tomorrow from personal beginnings to cultural beginnings with more New Year beginnings to come, the “start” codon  41st Gate of  New Beginnings/ Cycles

January 22,2016


you can check into a little background on the above link

Chinese New Year will celebrate The Red Monkey !


I made a little movie…to mark my 2015 Painting process, it includes, canvases from 1996, 2012, 2013, 2014. but, many are from 2015, some didn’t make the line up, the video marks a completion for me and is informing all the ideas that are percolating under the surface of my creative self.



This year of 2015 unfolded in a great spin of reconfiguration, new living environment, with more than a bit of my wild gypsy self demanding to be heard.  I journeyed on the Tree of Life, learning more and more about the primal mythic feminine.

I star- journeyed with various mentors in an adventure of archetypal wonder.

there is so much more to come as I work on my various projects in 2016

Good Wishes to you all, may your inner landscapes find peace, harmony and strength , may you outer landscapes reflect the same.

Assiah 3

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