~ Dragon Taming ~ 2012

The creative world meets us in a variety of ways ~ occasional synchronicities pop up in our worlds matching the focus of the moment. It seems apropos that the solar flares are creating light magic on our sweet planet, some even in the shapes of angels ~ A rediscovery of an old favorite book emerged this week, timely (of course) ~ check out the graphic at the link below ~

                                       The Artist’s Way At Work ~ Riding the Dragon ~ Twelve Weeks to Creative Freedom

The 41st Gene Key sets the beginning of this Rave New Year and the Chinese New Year as well ~ it the “Start” codon ~

                                                                                             Siddhi:      Emanation

                                                                                             Gift:            Anticipation

                                                                                             Shadow:    Fantasy

               Rave I Ching:  Recognition                                                                                          Classic I Ching: Sacrifice – Decrease

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