My Chaotic Creative Self 2/2011

There is an element within myself which is


The truth is out

I am in the company of a

Chaotic Self

Is my Soul Chaotic



Is my Chaos remarkably Creative ?

And if is it is Creative


do I have

the patience to wait for Clarity

while riding the wave of Chaos

Can I trust the Chaos to become

Wholeness ?

Time and time again when there is an issue or blockage


Resolution….bingo….my dance with Chaos begins.

The Goddess of Discord, Eris, visits my terrain,

she shifts my landscape with her whirlwinds of fury,

indeed sometimes it is as if the Furies are here

with her



This chaos looks like piles of laundry, dishes, books,

creative processes



for the lightening bolt of


      kss 2011

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